Beauty begins underneath

Welcome to BABE the Label®!

Helping women to stand out in their outerwear while comfortable and supported in their underwear

We want to encourage women to stop hiding their beautiful selves in perpetual black and teach them how to shine in bold colours. You are a goddess, and goddesses should be seen!

We believe that all bodies are beautiful, and there are colours and silhouettes to suit every person regardless of their shape or size. We want every woman to feel like she’s perfect just the way she is, and believe that the right clothes in the right colours can have a big impact when it comes to instilling that belief.

All our designs are created or hand picked lovingly by our own head BABE, Kamni Raju-Russell. Kamni designs for the everyday woman, not the runway, so comfort and practicality are as much a priority in our designs as style. We want you to be able to move through your day without being stabbed by your bra or holding in your tummy because your top is the wrong fit.


To make sure you choose the right items from our range to suit you, we offer bespoke BABED by Kamni style consultations. Kamni will help you choose colours and silhouettes that work with your body and not against it, so you feel amazing just the way you are.

BABE the Label® grew out of Kamni’s desire to see more colour in women’s clothing, as well as a frustration at uncomfortable or unflattering clothes.

The label was built with these core concepts in mind and bolstered by a strong philosophy of sustainability and ethics.

It’s important to us that our clothing line is being manufactured by ethical manufacturers who pay their staff well and whose practices are environmentally sustainable. You can feel secure knowing that your clothes were ethically and sustainably made.

If you’d like to find out how BABE can help you look and feel your best, all you need to do is book through our Contact page to get your free fifteen-minute initial consultation with our very own Kamni.

(In-person consults are available online everywhere or in person in Wellington only unless by prior arrangement)