Beauty begins underneath


Those of us who own breasts have all at some point owned a bra that we hated.

Boning that stabs our squishy bits, underwire that digs in or comes out of the bra altogether, cups that gape so our chest is unsupported.

And for those of us with a large bust, the problem is exponentially worse. We get to deal with chronic back problems caused by poorly fitting bras, and in many cases, we have to rely on online shopping to find bras because we can’t find our size in New Zealand, and then pay through the nose for the privilege.

what we do

As a trained bra and briefs specialist, BABE the Label’s ®  owner Kamni has seen so many women suffering from the effects of poorly fitting, low-quality bras. So much so, that she decided to make good quality, affordable, and properly fitted bras a feature of the BABE the Label range.

When you book a bespoke BABED by Kamni consultation, we’ll ensure that you know exactly which size and style is right for you, so you can buy with confidence. Our BABE line of bras is of high quality, produced by Oeko-tex standard 100-rated ethical manufacturers, and designed with your comfort in mind. We stock a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles, and we work hard to keep our range affordable.

We’d love to help you replace your old, stretched or uncomfortable bras with some gorgeous, supportive and comfortable new BABE ones.

All you need to do is book your free fifteen-minute initial consultation with our very own Kamni through our Contact page, and we can get you all measured up and feeling fabulous! (In-person consults are available online everywhere or in person in Wellington only unless by prior arrangement)

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