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At BABE the label® , we know comfort is paramount when it comes to briefs.

We are very proud of our Kamni-designed briefs range, which we believe are the most comfortable briefs on the market.

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Not only that, but our range of briefs is made with fabric that’s free from harmful chemicals. Did you know that these chemicals, which are found in many ranges of underwear, can be absorbed into your body as you wear your briefs and cause health issues? You’ll have no such worries with our BABE range of briefs; we’ve ensured that the entire range is free from such toxins.

Our BABE higher-waisted and shaper briefs are designed with maximum tummy control and will not roll down. Our shaper shorts prevent chafing for all-day comfort, ensuring your comfort and a smooth silhouette.

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Our range comprises a wide range of styles, colours, and sizes, so you can find the right pair of briefs for every day, no matter your shape, size, or outfit.

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