Beauty begins underneath

About us


BABE the label®  is an ethical, sustainable New Zealand clothing brand out on a mission to help women feel amazing in their own skin.

We LOVE colour, and you’ll find our clothing range to be as colourful and fun as it is comfortable and stylish.

The BABE behind the label is our very own Kamni Raju-Russell.

Growing up in Tonga as the child of parents who were both tailors, Kamni was surrounded by colourful clothing all her life. Clothing design and manufacturing were part of her world from the time she was born, and Tonga’s colourful culture helped cement her love of all things bright and beautiful.

It’s no surprise, then, that this passion grew into her very own clothing label. Noticing how women’s wardrobes in New Zealand often lack colour, and lamenting the uncomfortable or unflattering cuts of off-the-rack clothing, Kamni decided to create a label that would do things differently. Designer clothes that were bright and colourful, comfortable and stylish, ethically manufactured, and, to top it off, affordable.

It's a tall order, but Kamni did it. Founded on all of those principles, BABE the label®  was born.

We pride ourselves on making our clients feel beautiful by providing them with clothing that actually fits properly and suits them well. We use suppliers that meet sustainable and ethical business standards. Suppliers and our pricing is kept as low as we can possibly make it so it’s affordable for the average New Zealand woman.

Our Workshop

When you have your very own BABED by Kamni style consult, you’ll receive Kamni’s expert advice on the colours and silhouettes that work with your body, not against it. Kamni is a trained bra and briefs specialist, so you’ll receive the benefit of having your bras professionally fitted for comfort and support, as well as the rest of your wardrobe designed just for you.

If you’d like to find out how BABE can help you look and feel your best, all you need to do is book through our Contact page to get your free fifteen-minute initial consultation with our very own Kamni. (In-person consults are available online everywhere or in person in Wellington only unless by prior arrangement)